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We are a passionate team of dedicated developers driven by a singular mission: unlocking the full potential of low-spec PCs. Our relentless pursuit is to improve gaming for those without high-end systems and provide performance-boosting solutions for all gamers. With an extensive roadmap of exciting enhancements on the horizon, we’re determined to redefine the low-spec gaming experience. Join us on this journey and get your very own booster now, propelling your gaming adventures to new heights!

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Jitsumi Game Booster is your ultimate solution to lag and slow performance. With our software, you can optimize your system, track performance, and fine-tune NVIDIA settings effortlessly. Ensuring smooth gameplay, faster loading times, and efficient drive cleaning while optimizing CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. Furthermore, our all-new update offers a sleek UI, real-time performance monitoring, heavy customizable NVIDIA settings, and improved game detection. Get a competitive edge, smoother gameplay, and faster loading times, with Jitsumi Game Booster!

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Feature Showcase

1. RAM Cleaner

Jitsumi Game Booster features a Ram Cleaner that helps optimize system performance by clearing unnecessary memory usage. The Ram Cleaner efficiently frees up RAM by reducing existing program’s memory working set and by closing background processes and applications that are not required for gaming, allowing your PC to allocate more resources to the game you’re playing. By optimizing the RAM usage, Jitsumi Game Booster ensures smoother gameplay and a more responsive gaming experience.

2. Lightweight

Jitsumi Game Booster prides itself on being a lightweight software. We understand that gamers value performance and don’t want any unnecessary resource drain from additional software. Therefore, we have developed Jitsumi Game Booster to have a minimal impact on system resources. It runs efficiently in the background without consuming excessive CPU or RAM, allowing your gaming experience to remain smooth and uninterrupted.

3. Suspend Or Lower Processes Priority

Jitsumi Game Booster can easily suspend or lower the priority of background processes while gaming. This helps optimize your system resources and ensures that your games receive maximum attention from your PC. This allows your PC to allocate more CPU power and RAM to your games, resulting in smoother gameplay and reduced lag. This feature is particularly useful for resource-intensive games that require significant system resources to run smoothly.

4. Performance Boost

Jitsumi Game Booster provides several performance-boosting options, such as un-parking CPU cores, lowering the Windows theme, and enabling the high-performance power plan on Windows. These adjustments can help maximize the system’s performance during gaming sessions.

5. Overclocking GPU & vRam

Jitsumi Game Booster offers the ability to overclock your vRAM and GPU, allowing you to maximize the performance of your graphics card. By increasing the clock speeds of your vRAM and GPU, you can achieve higher frame rates and smoother gameplay. Jitsumi Game Booster provides an easy and user-friendly interface to adjust these settings, giving you more control over your gaming experience.

6. Performance Monitor

Jitsumi Game Booster comes with a Performance Monitor tool that allows you to keep track of various system parameters and performance metrics while gaming. It provides real-time monitoring of CPU cores, overall system performance, RAM and GPU usage, as well as GPU temperatures. This information helps you stay informed about the performance of your system during gameplay.

7. Configurations

Jitsumi Game Booster adds flexibility and customization options for users. By allowing users to modify cache folder locations, they can optimize storage usage and ensure efficient access to game files. The ability to blacklist or whitelist background processes and suspended programs gives users control over which applications are allowed to run in the background while gaming.

8. Automation & Game Detection

Jitsumi Game Booster offers automation for almost all features and game detection capabilities to enhance the gaming experience. The software automatically detects when you launch a game and applies the optimized settings for that specific game. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures that your games always run at their best performance.


Curator Reviews

Jitsumi’s Game Booster is not just good to have your games run smoother but as well for cleaning the junk on your computer, you can even overclock without using too much of your CPU.

Press Start To Begin Curator

Great booster that actually works! Better than free “booster” that don’t do anything! Get this, it’s a steal of a deal!


A lightweight, easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for unburdening your PC for gaming sessions by suspending background apps, cleaning errors, & overclocking your CPU. (Supports Nvidia atm, not Radeon yet)

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