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We are a small team of developers with one goal in mind. Pushing low spec PCs to the limit. We plan to improve gaming for both gamers without a beast of a PC and gamers just looking to boost their computer’s performance. We also offer services outside of gaming such as cleaning junk files. We have a huge list of things to do which will change the low spec gaming experiences altogether. Join us on our journey and get your own booster now!

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For AMD GPU / Integrated Graphic Card Users

Currently, we do not fully support AMD’s GPUs ( Radeon ) and Intel Integrated Graphic Card. For any users with laptops or PC with no Nvidia GPU, please note that there will be a few features which will be locked. We will be adding support for both AMD and integrated Graphic cards very soon. However, you can still choose to purchase the program. Un-Supported features will be locked.

AMD GPU & Integrated Graphic Support Coming Soon



Jitsumi Game Booster is a light and fast tool which scans for games that had been launch while providing features such as suspending background processes and cleaning junk files without using much CPU. From the tests we conducted, Jitsumi Booster only had used below 2% of the PC’s CPU. Jitsumi Booster also will slow itself down when a game is detected, this is to provide the best experiences while playing. Using less than 2% of the PC’s CPU, this allows you to game without any disturbance.

Junk File Removal & Maintaining Drives

Jitsumi Game Booster allows users to clear some files also known as junk files or temporary files from their PC. Doing this both provides a slight boost of performance and space for the user. We do also provide features to clean the user’s Registry, cleaning system errors, defragging drivers and cleaning any errors in said drive. This is all done in a single click of a button. Providing this allows the user to maintain their drives and getting rid of any bad sectors in any of their drives. This speeds up the drives and allows for a much better gaming experience.

Over-Clock Your vRam & GPU

Jitsumi Game Booster allows users to overclock both their Graphics Card and their vRAM. Overclocking allows users to set their GPU and memory to run at speeds higher than their official speed grade, this, if used properly, can increase your performance by a decent amount. Overclocking your GPU will often yield a marked increase in performance in benchmarks, usually reflected in gaming performance. Overclocking allows your GPU to be pushed beyond what it is meant for. However, increasing it too much, for a long period, can cause hardware damages. We have also provided a GPU temperature which the user can monitor. 

Ram & CPU Optimizer

Jitsumi Game Booster provides features which allow users to clear any unused RAM / Memory from their PC. We also provide users the ability to close any high RAM / Memory usage programs such as Chrome, Spotify and many more! This can Increase / Boost your PC performance by cutting your memory usage almost by half or more. In the example shown above, freeing memory got My RAM / Memory usage from 6.5 / 15.9 GB to 2.6 / 15.9 GB used memory. This will leave you with much more RAM / Memory to use for gaming. We are also planning to add a lot more tweaks in the near future! 

Easy To Use

Jitsumi Game Booster’s UI ( User Interface ) is extremely simple to use. We provide checkboxes and buttons for everything we offer. We also provide a console that logs everything that has happen and things that had been toggled or pressed. We also provide some commands that users who are used to the UI can use. This goes from dumping every process in your program list to just a simple suspend and resume commands. This can be useful to users who want things to be customized or are looking to tweak the booster. We are also planning to add a lot more commands in the near future! 



Curator Reviews

Jitsumi’s Game Booster is not just good to have your games run smoother but as well for cleaning the junk on your computer, you can even overclock without using too much of your CPU.

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Great booster that actually works! Better than free “booster” that don’t do anything! Get this, it’s a steal of a deal!


A lightweight, easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for unburdening your PC for gaming sessions by suspending background apps, cleaning errors, & overclocking your CPU. (Supports Nvidia atm, not Radeon yet)

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