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About Us

We are a small team of developers with one goal in mind. Pushing low spec PCs to the limit. We plan to improve gaming for both gamers without a beast of a PC and gamers just looking to boost their computer’s performance. We also offer services outside of gaming such as cleaning junk files. We have a huge list of things to do which will change the low spec gaming experiences altogether. Join us on our journey and get your own booster now!

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About the Software:

Jitusmi’s Blue-Light Filter is a tool which allows users to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from the user’s monitor screen. Blue light is usually seen as a bad thing as it can cause things such as eye strains. Blue light can also affect your sleep as blue light can suppress the secretion of melatonin which can make it harder to go to sleep during night time.


Time Based Filter

Jitusmi’s Blue Light Filter allows the users to be able to set the blue light filter depending on the time of the user’s day. This can allow users to set the blue light filter to only enable at a certain time of the day which can provide the power of enabling the blue light filter during the night time when blue light is the most effective.

Strength of Filter

Jitsumi’s Blue Light Filter allows the users to set the strength of the filter. This allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the filter depending on the time or what the user is doing.

Note Keeper

Jitsumi’s Blue Light Filter allows users to keep notes. This can allow users to remind themselves about something that might be happening.


Curator Reviews

Blue light is no joke! It can mess up your sleep before bed and give you headaches. Using this program will help fix those issues with blue light. Easy to understand and use! Great for whole family!


There’s a girl named Jitsumi’s Blue-Light Filter & she’s easy on the eyes. Literally. For the price of a soda, you can give your eyes a break & lessen your display’s strain on them.

She said she’s level 18

Hi I”m deadpool and thanks to this game I just blue myself!

Deadpool Does Gaming