Top 5 Anti-Virus For PC


In the age of technology, it has become challenging for one to use it blindly. In the past, surfing the internet was completely safe, but as technology grew, and more people had access to the internet, they used it for their own gain. This behavior could potentially harm you or anyone else. Also, those who are easily baited by fake downloads such as ” download this program to speed up your pc ” should be aware that these programs are nothing but a scam. They’re created to destroy your hardware nothing more.

That is why we made a list of top 5 Anti-Virus programs that you must download on your PC if you are afraid of getting any viruses these days. These programs are completely, but you can always upgrade to the premium version. But personally, I’d say the standard version is more than enough to cover your needs if you ask me.


Bitdefender Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Sophos Home Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud


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