Bug Bounty – Introduction


So what is Bug Bounty? This is one profession in Cyber Security that has been gaining popularity amongst many people. Simply speaking, it is a deal or program which is offered by many organizations and businesses. It is a system whereby the bounty hunter, who is often a white hat hacker, looks through the website looking for bugs. These can often be related to exploits and vulnerabilities. Before moving on, it is crucial to understand the difference between a white-hat hacker and a black hat hacker. White hat hackers use their skills to perform ethical hacking. Meanwhile, black hats are criminal hackers using their skills for nefarious purposes.

Benefits of Joining

The bug bounty program is something good for both parties that are engaged in the bug bounty program. It means that exploits and vulnerabilities are disclosed responsibly for the business, and they can fix it before cybercriminals exploit those weaknesses to get sensitive information. As for the white hat hacker, he will be paid for his effort, depending on the bug’s severity. Sometimes it can come with a significant amount of publicity as well. This can be once again helpful when trying to get jobs in the future.

Lucrative Industry – High Demand

Many people are now trying to get into this field. This is because the demand for this job is rising rapidly at an unprecedented rate. As more and more business and people move online, the number of assets on the internet that needs protection is also rising. Similarly, the amount of new software is also increasing. This means that once again, the number of potential security loopholes and bugs are increasing. Still, there is a significant amount of people who are not able to stick to this profession. They attempt to get into it but fall out somewhere along the road. This is happening due to a few reasons.

Difficulties Faced by Beginners

Firstly, many people are attracted to this profession because of the huge sum of money associated with bounties. Although there is nothing wrong with this, there is a potential issue that plays out mentally in your head. The only thing driving you is the money, and hence when you are not able to get it with relative ease, you lose motivation. In my personal experience, all the people that I have met and are bounty hunters do not join this profession because of the money. They are highly interested and easily intrigued by cybersecurity. For them, it is a hobby and something fun. This is the right mindset to succeed in this field and other fields as well. If you do not enjoy the work you are doing, there is little chance you will make any progression.

Secondly, people leave it because it is very demanding. On top of this, the payment is not consistent. If you can get a bounty, you get paid a lot; however, it is not worth it to dedicate full-time to this profession unless you are highly skilled in this. You may spend 6 hours going through a website and looking for bugs and still not find any. You only get paid if you find the bug as such many bug bounty hunters do this as a side gig. They have other full-time jobs that pay them consistently.

Last but not least, people leave this because they take the wrong pathway. They try to take a shortcut to enter the field and have a colossal lapse of many of the field’s concepts. This is too troublesome because a lot of time will be wasted researching concepts instead of hunting for bugs in an active bug bounty program. Therefore, with the right mindset and pathway, bug bounty hunting will be a profitable and beneficial profession. In the next post, we will look at this pathway and how to get into this profession the right way and advice from the professionals themselves.


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